Do you think you have what it takes to pursue a career as a real estate professional? If you have considered a career in real estate, you are in the right place. Find out if this exciting, fast paced career is for you by contacting our Talent Recruiter today! We offer discounted Real Estate courses with Real Estate Express, setting you on the right track at the best price! Start today and help your clients find the home of their dreams, right here in Colombia.

Why a career in Real Estate?

The many perks of becoming a realtor can make this an incredibly rewarding career! But, it’s not for everyone however, we invite you to call today to learn more. We will be more than happy to fill you in on the pro’s and con’s of a career in real estate; helping you make the decision that’s right for you! Contact us today, even if you simply are curious about a real estate career! We’re here to help!


IT’S YOUR BUSINESS: It is truly YOUR business. While we are here to help you, guide you, assist and mentor you; a career in real estate gives you the freedom to create your own success!

YOU ARE THE BOSS: It’s true! We don’t care what time you show up in the morning and we don’t care if you take the afternoon to go play golf. Again, it’s your business; and you get to make it great in YOUR own way.

YOU DECIDE HOW MUCH MONEY YOU MAKE: This is simple, the more you work, the harder you work, the quality of your work, the more money you make. It’s up to you to determine your salary.

YOU GET TO MAKE IT YOUR OWN: Your customers, your image, your targets, each are yours! We are simply here to assist your personal success!

YOU GET TO HAVE FUN: True Story! Real Estate is FUN. You get to meet all sorts of people, each with unique needs! You get to throw parties, check out amazing houses, and share your successes with a team!

YOU GET TO BE A PART OF THE AMERICAN DREAM: It may sound cheesy, but the first time you hand a new homeowner their keys, you will realize what we’re talking about. You are the one making dreams come true.

IT’S YOUR SUCCESS! You can be successful, we want you to be successful, and you will love being successful in real estate!


The con’s may look familiar! This is real estate and as an illustration of how much it is truly your own business please see the pro’s list above. All of these exciting perks of being a real estate agent come with their own distinct disadvantages if you do not work hard enough at it. You are responsible for your own successes and failures; we can provide you with the training, tools and support to succeed. The sky’s the limit and this career is what you make it! Isn’t it time to do something that is as inspiring as it is rewarding?

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