1. Simple Home Projects That Can Help You Sell Your Home Quickly

    When selling a house, many people tend to fall into a renovation trap. They feel that they need to boost the value of the house to get the best price, but they often forget that the money spent on the improvements may not directly translate to an increase in value. There are several small, simple things you can do to your house to boost its value quickly and cheaply that will allow you to sell fas…Read More

  2. Making Your New House a Home: 7 Simple Tips for Settling In

    There’s always a little sadness when you’re leaving a home that holds years of happy memories. The memories travel with you but not that comfortable, happy home feeling. That takes time to create. Meanwhile, the first few weeks in a new house can feel strange and awkward, almost like you’ve moved into someone else’s space. Fortunately, there are some tactics that can help everyone feel jus…Read More

  3. The Perks of Country Living

    It goes without saying that most of the population lives in or around a city. There are some definite benefits to buying a home in the city, such as the convenience of proximity to various stores and services. Yet living in the country offers a great deal to potential homeowners, in ways that city living simply cannot provide. With Century 21, the dreams of country living can quickly turn into a r…Read More

  4. Six Ways to Boost Curb Appeal; Sprucing Up Your Home for a Quick Sale!

      Putting up your house for sale doesn’t mean it’s time to wipe your hands clean of it. In fact, now’s the time to get those hands dirty and put in some work to make your home as appealing as you can. Potential buyers, after all, will never see its charming, rustic interior if they aren’t tempted by the exterior. Here are a few simple places to dig in to make sure your home’s curb appea…Read More

  5. When Is Buying a Fixer-Upper Worth It?

    One of the greatest housing trends in recent years has been the art of renovating homes. Shows like “Fixer Upper” and “Property Brothers” have popularized remodeling older homes, encouraging many potential home buyers to look for houses for sale that are in need of some work. Buying a fixer-upper for your next home has a lot of potential, but will undoubtedly come with some challenges. Rea…Read More

  6. Home Hacks – Worth It?

    Moving can be a thrilling experience, particularly when you are moving into your dream home. The home you have searched for your entire adult life. It has everything you want, and you are excited to make it even more perfect. If you are lucky enough to live in our gorgeous community of Columbia, maybe you used the local real estate leader to buy your home. At Century 21 Advantage we want to help y…Read More

  7. No Matter Your Situation, Century 21 Advantage Can Help

    In everyone’s lives, there comes a time when change is necessary and your housing situation needs to be evaluated. The circumstances could be happy or they could be tragic, either way it is important to have the right team on your side. At Century 21 Advantage, we are your local Columbia realtor and we want you to know we have your back when you need it. Relocating Carl was a guy who had a mid-l…Read More

  8. Four Key Reasons Why Your Home Did Not Sell!

    Was your home sitting on the market for months and months when you were trying to sell in the past? Too often this is a reality too many homeowners find themselves dealing with. Whether working with a real estate agent or trying to sell on your own, here is a list of the top four key reasons why your home did not sell as fast you may have liked to!  Ineffective marketing plan. When we list your h…Read More

  9. Hey, Neighbors.

    There is a common misconception out there about real estate offices, and you’ve probably fallen for it. The first thing you learn about a local real estate office is where it’s located. How else would you know where to drive? Location... Many people like to believe that the location of an office determines which area they serve. Surely they will only know about that specific neighborhood or ar…Read More

  10. Senior Living In Columbia, Missouri

    Columbia, MO offers a wide variety of real estate options. One of the most invaluable, being our senior living and retirement retreats.  Browse some of the most popular establishments that Columbia, MO has to offer below. Click the image to view more about these facilities and all that they have to offer! Lenoir Woods: At Lenoir Woods, you’re invited to embrace active, enriching retirement l…Read More