It’s OK to ask, honestly, we hear similar questions all time time!

Why is it more profitable to use a real estate agent for my transaction, wouldn’t I save money finding a home for sale or selling my home myself?

We broke it down into a helpful guide to show the advantages of utilizing a real estate agent:  

  • Resources and Due Diligence

It’s true, knowledge is power, and power is profit. As professional agents who manage real estate transactions every day all day, we have a ton of resources available to us. We will research the information necessary to protect you, to maximize your profits, and to keep you sane!

  • Access

As realtors, we have “magic keys” and “magic passwords.” These accesses get us into properties that you want to see and the databases with the listings that matches your requirements. Beyond that, our license grants us hundreds of proprietary tools that grants us exclusive access to more information and more properties which we make available to our clients.

  • Legal Protection

With any real estate transaction, contracts and mountains of paperwork are a necessary headache. When you hire a real estate agent from Century 21 Advantage, you can be assured that the contracts we use have been reviewed by legal counsel.

  • The Bottom Line

Simply put, statistics prove that you will make more money selling your house using a realtor, and you will save more money using a realtor to buy a home.


If you are ready to maximize your home selling or buying experience please contact us at Century 21 Advantage and let us show you the advantage to working with us!